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WORLDS APART SCIENCE FICTION  BY DAVID KRAG USMACK Worlds Apart is a near future science fiction that takes a common plot - the approach of a large object that threatens to hit Earth and destroy our civilization - and suffuses it with numerous subplots that include mystery and romance as well as themes that explore the intersection of present technological advances with social trends. THE CUPCAKE ADVENTURE CHILDREN’S ILLUSTRATED BOOK OF POETRY BY GUS, STRIKA, AND NAVOS KARMACK The Cupcake Adventure presents the child with some of the realities of life in a safe setting, the kitchen refrigerator.  It covers how some people will try to impose themselves on others and how unfounded hatred and prejudice lead to bullying. This 34 page is a book for all ages from 3 to adult.  It combines attractive full color illustrations that double as a cartoon strip that conveys what is going on in the poetry.  It displays smaller amounts of dialog suitable for younger children while the poetry is written at a higher level suitable for adolescents to adults. If purchased from MANX Enterprises, the book will be spiral bound making it easy to turn the pages 360 degrees and lie it flat while the story is structured so that an adult can read the poetry to the child while the child can see the illustrations. DIAGNOSTIC ERROR IN MEDICINE HEALTH CARE MANAGEMENT AN ANTHOLOGY OF POSTERS  BY MARK GUSACK, M.D. This includes over 20 highly illustrated posters on causes and solutions to diagnostic error in medicine along with three abstract lectures presented from 2013 through 2017 at the yearly Diagnostic Error in Medicine [DEM] conference held by the Society for Improving Diagnosis in Medicine [SIDM] COMING SOON! THE CUPCAKE ADVENTURE GAME AND COLORING BOOK!   The Cupcake Adventure Game provides hours of enjoyment an fun for children and families while teaching logical thinking and strategy.